Things to Prepare for Opening a Cafe Business

Things to Prepare for Opening a Cafe Business – The development of the cafe business in Indonesia is currently very fast. Almost every city has at least one cafe that stands and becomes a prima donna, especially for young people in the city. The cafe business is indeed very tempting from the business side because it has a lot of advantages. One of them is the cafe business has a strong market.

The cafe business seems to never subside considering that cafes have many enthusiasts. With low prices, delicious food, and a comfortable place, it seems that a lot of young people will come to the cafe. In addition, in this cafe business is able to generate a fairly large daily turnover with more and more devotees. The existence of a cafe today is indeed inseparable from the lifestyle of most city people who want to unwind after a full day’s work in a comfortable place. The existence of this fact, makes the cafe business can be a promising business opportunity with small capital.

If you have decided to jump in and open your own cafe business. Opening a successful coffee shop can be a rewarding experience.

Because of you, hundreds of friends will have a pleasant conversation in your cafe. Because of you, the mornings will be brighter and the afternoons will feel less stressful.

You will have more appeal to society that you realize. All you have to do is make your coffee shop profitable right?

Tips for Building a Cafe Business

1. Choose a Crowded and Comfortable Place
The first tip in building a cafe business so that it is crowded with visitors is to determine a strategic and crowded place. Strategic locations that are passed by many people will make people see and be interested in entering the cafe. So make observations of the location first before determining the construction of a cafe business.

In addition, prepare a cafe that is comfortable for visitors. A comfortable place will make visitors feel at home so they will come back at another time. In addition, try to decorate with certain themes so that people are more interested. The design of a cafe will also determine the assessment of visitors to the cafe.

2. Rent a Place with the Right Budget
One of the biggest funding points when designing a cafe business is renting a space. Especially for you novice entrepreneurs who have perfunctory capital, the problem of renting this place must have been quite a headache.

If you have limited capital, you can start this business by using your own home, a business partner’s house, or maybe someone else’s home page to become a temporary cafe stall.

Usually the price for renting a terrace or pavilion is not as expensive as renting a kiosk or shophouse. Another way can also be to use a home garden. You can use a cafe with an interesting outdoor concept. Besides being able to reduce rental costs, using a terrace, pavilion, or home garden can actually add to the uniqueness of the cafe.

3. Prepare a Comfortable Lesehan Concept
Because comfort is the main thing in building a cafe business, there is nothing wrong with preparing a place at the cafe to create a lesehan concept. For some people, the concept of lesehan is very authentic and comfortable. The cafe section that carries the lesehan concept can be separated from other parts that use tables and chairs.

The concept of lesehan for some people feels very pleasant because people will feel more relaxed. People can also stay longer when they are in a place that provides the concept of lesehan in it. With the concept of lesehan, people will also be comfortable to stay for a long time and talk with friends.

4. Choose Cheap and Attractive Business Equipment
In addition to using the concept of lesehan, interior design is also very important in the assessment of visitors to a cafe. To create an attractive interior design, you do not have to use luxurious equipment. However, it is enough to use equipment that matches the theme that the cafe wants to carry. That way it will not create the impression of a contrast between the theme and the equipment used.

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Some additional equipment such as paintings or writings that contain unique quotes and will certainly be an added value. In addition, the cutlery used also uses interesting equipment, so people will be interested in coming. The beautiful interior design also makes the cafe instagenic and in demand by young social media activists.

5. Buy Raw Materials Wholesale
The purpose of these tips is to save money. The trick is to buy raw materials for both food and beverages from wholesalers. Wholesalers will provide lower prices. In addition, buying at wholesalers can be done in large quantities.

Given the cafe business will always be crowded, then buying raw materials for food and drinks in large quantities is certainly more appropriate. So that the stock of food raw materials will always be maintained and avoid running out of raw materials which has an impact on not serving the wishes of cafe visitors. This is because as much as possible prepare enough raw materials so that all customers can be served.

6. Create Delicious and Authentic Food Menu
Generally, every cafe or restaurant has one or two menus that are the mainstay of the place. This mainstay menu is menus that are only sold at the cafe by prioritizing delicious, authentic, and high-quality flavors. Therefore, always prepare at least one or two mainstay menus in the cafe business that will be established.

7. Maximize Your Own Power
As with any restaurant business in general, the authenticity of the recipes that are the mainstay of the menu must be maintained. The authenticity of this recipe then causes the business of food places, including cafes and the like, to last a long time. So there is nothing wrong if you first stand up to use your own energy before later using additional energy.

If the cafe business is getting crowded and starting to find it difficult to use your own energy, then it’s time to increase your workforce by recruiting employees. Try to recruit trustworthy and quality employees in order to maintain the quality of the cafe. If necessary, the boss also goes down directly so that he can get direct feedback from visitors.

8. Apply the Right Marketing Strategy
In any business, including the cafe business, the right marketing strategy plays an important role so that the business can continue to run. Some of the right marketing strategies today are to use the power of social media such as Instagram. Then provide additional facilities in the form of discounts to visitors who have followed the Instagram account from the cafe.

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