Things to Prepare Before Starting an Online Business

Things to Prepare Before Starting an Online Business

Things to Prepare Before Starting an Online Business – The pandemic period has made us do everything from home. Including in terms of business. Online business is one of the jobs that most people do for profit. Now to start an online business, you need to prepare the following things.

1. Determine the goods or services to be sold

You can produce the items you want to sell yourself or supply from other people. If you can’t produce things yet, you can get supplies from other people and help market them.

Try the goods or services that you like and there is a sense of interest in it. So that later when you run the business, you can still be excited and know in detail about the product.

But if you are still confused, you can sell goods or services that are currently in demand, which are trending.

2. Activate m-banking

The existence of m-banking can make it easier for you when recording expenses or income. So if there are buyers/customers who transfer, they can be checked immediately, no need to bother going to an ATM.

If you already know that the money was transferred, it can be processed immediately so it doesn’t take longer and you can serve buyers quickly.

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3. Decide which social media to use

There are many types of social media today, from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and so on. Now, you can use social media to market your online business.

You also need to know about social media, how it works, and how to attract customers from it.

4. Create an online store by utilizing the market place

There are various market places that you can try, such as shopee, BukaLapak, Tokopedia, and the like. In the market place itself, there are several facilities provided according to the needs of selling online, making it easier for customers to shop online. For example, there is a free shipping promo that can attract more buyers.

Transacting through the market place is safer because the money transferred will go to the market place first, not directly to the seller. Then when the goods arrive, there is confirmation from the buyer that the goods have been received and the money is transferred to the seller.

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