There Was a Guy Buying a Lamborghini Using Bitcoin

There Was a Guy Buying a Lamborghini Using Bitcoin

There Was a Guy Buying a Lamborghini Using Bitcoin – The transaction to purchase Lamborghini cars using the first Bitcoin digital currency (cryptocurrency) in Asia has been carried out. In a press release to the IDN Times on Thursday (29/4/2021), Zipmex, Southeast Asia’s leading digital asset exchange, announced that it had facilitated the purchase.

Zipmex said the user who tried this payment service was Jo Chirawat, a Thai national. He used the Zipmex application to pay a down payment in Bitcoin to Huracán EVO RWD 2021 at Renazzo Motor Co. Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand.

“The remainder of the Lamborghini purchase payment will also be paid in Bitcoin,” said Zipmex.

1. Exchange rates are locked at the time of transaction

According to the company explanation, through Zipmex’s crypto payment network, namely ZipSpend, Renazzo Motor accepts payments in Bitcoin, USD Tether and Zipmex tokens with instant verification. Zipmex tokens launched in December 2020.

“The exchange rate will be locked at the time of purchase to reduce potential volatility,” he explained.

2. Milestones

Zipmex CEO Marcus Lim said this transaction was a milestone for Zipmex, Renazzo Motor and crypto asset payment systems in Southeast Asia. Moreover, this involves well-known car brands such as Lamborghini.

“The Lamborghini brand certainly has a special meaning and we are delighted to be able to provide our users with the opportunity to do more with their crypto assets,” said Lim.

The purchase of Lamborghini was made after Elon Musk’s American (US) electric car company, Tesla, announced that it had started accepting payments in Bitcoin in March.

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3. Operates in four countries

Zipmex is the only digital asset exchange that operates in four countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Zipmex’s mission is to break boundaries, educate, excite and enrich ordinary people through its digital asset platform

“Through an easy-to-use application and website, users can get access to a variety of financial services, including digital payments, exchanges and interest-bearing savings,” according to a company release.

To date, the Zipmex platform has facilitated a transaction volume of more than US $ 1 billion since its launch in late 2019. In Thailand, the company has posted a 5-fold growth in customer acquisitions and a 10-fold growth in transaction volume and managed funds since its launch in Thailand. mid 2020.

“The partnership with Renazzo Motor is only the beginning of Zipmex’s expansion plans to expand crypto payment services in the Southeast Asian market,” he explained.

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