Thanks to the Maximum Selling Takjil Cuan

Thanks to the Maximum Selling Takjil Cuan

Thanks to the Maximum Selling Takjil Cuan – The moment of the fasting month or Ramadan is a blessing for everyone, especially Muslims. Not only because there are many good practices that can be done and get rewarded, but the fasting month can also be an economic driver.

For street vendors, for example, they often take advantage of this moment to reap profits by selling food or drinks to break the fast or takjil.

One of them is like the one at Jalan Panjang, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. There are dozens of street vendors selling, to be exact, from the Haji Domang street to the Saari street.

1. Make a profit of up to IDR 6 million per day

One of the blessings of Ramadan is felt by Pak Eko, a food seller who has been trading on Jalan Panjang for the past 15 years every fasting month. Every day he can make a turnover of up to Rp. 6 million.

“Usually, about 95 percent of merchandise are sold every day. That can make me make a turnover of Rp. 6 million, per two hours,” said Eko to the IDN Times.

Together with his 5 employees, he opened a stall since 15.30 after he finished cooking. Pak Eko is indeed the most striking compared to other street vendors with the characteristic 3×4 meter blue tent and several tables.

He sells various foods such as banana compote, pastels, bread, donuts, championship porridge, brownies. The last two foods he said were most hunted by buyers.

2. Not opened yet but many are already queuing up

Pak Eko is always busy with buyers. Some are even willing to wait until they and their employees have finished arranging the food to be sold.

Petty, for example, a resident of Ciledug Indah, admits that he likes the merchandise sold by Pak Eko. He admits that he likes to hunt for food before breaking the fast and can spend IDR 50,000 for each time looking for food to break his fast.

“I bought it here because the four were delicious, clean so, I like the clean one, she thinks it’s good,” said Petty.

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3. Always busy from noon to sunset

Street vendors on the long road are famous as one of the points where you can hunt for food to break your fast. Here, there are many foods to drinks such as fruit ice, kampiun porridge, various types of fried foods, dim sum, candil, green coconut ice, green banana ice, pickled vegetables, pastels, traditional cakes such as yoke, lemper, bacang, eclairs and more. many others.

Street vendors start trading from noon around 14.00 to 18.00. Many residents come to buy food here. It is not uncommon for car or motorcycle riders to pass by and are curious to the point where they go hunting for food here.

A few tips for those of you who want to hunt for food here, you can come around 16.00 and not later than 17.00. Because at that time many sellers had opened their stalls and not too many buyers had arrived.

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