Some One Million Capital Business Ideas

Some One Million Capital Business Ideas

Some One Million Capital Business Ideas – For some people want to start a new business with colleagues. But in starting a business is not easy, there are many things that must be considered very carefully. Capital is one of the most important. Here’s a business idea for young people with a promising business capital of 1 million in the millennial era.

Opening a Food Business For Breakfast

Now not a few people who have a solid morning routine. Many have to leave for the office several hours before the time to enter the office in order not to arrive late. As a result, there is no more time to prepare breakfast every morning for yourself and your family.

This can be a very potential business opportunity. You can offer breakfast menus such as chicken porridge, uduk rice or yellow rice. The ingredients used and how to make a breakfast menu is not difficult. With a business capital of 1 million you can reap sufficient profits every day.

Snack/Snack Business

The snack or snack business is not only in demand by children, but also by adults. Starting from students and workers, many like snacks for snacks when doing activities. No need to rely on the type of snack that requires expensive ingredients. Snacks made from cassava, potatoes and sweet potatoes are also in great demand. Making cassava chips with various flavors can be a business choice with a business capital of 1 million or even less than 1 million.

For example, making 200 packs of chips you only need 8-10 kg of cassava which is then processed and given various spices. Even this one business capital only requires a few hundred thousand capital. If you are a private employee or student, you can start peddling your wares to your closest colleagues or friends with guaranteed taste and quality.

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Starting a Dropshipping Business

Starting a dropshipping business is no longer a business with small capital, it can even be said to be a business without capital. Anyone can run this business without spending any capital at all. In addition, you don’t have to bother processing product shipments and updating stock. Dropshipping business can be an option for those of you who are just starting to run a small business with a business capital of 1 million or less.

The dropshipping system you should know about is quite simple. You just need to market the product from the seller and forward the order and pay money from the buyer to the seller.

Although it looks easy, this effort cannot be taken lightly. As a dropshipper you also have to understand the specifications of the goods being sold and choose a reliable supplier. This greatly affects the reputation of the business and the quality of the products you sell.

Open Typing or Typing Services

If you have a computer or laptop, opening a service business using your computer skills can be a profitable business. Especially if the neighborhood where you live is around a school or campus. No need to be afraid of empty orders because many students or students need your typing service help to do their paper or final project.

If you have a computer or laptop, this service business can be a fairly profitable money field. You can add print and photocopying services which are quite profitable. The capital required is not too large. With a business capital of 1 million or around 900 thousand, you can open your own typing service.

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