There Was a Guy Buying a Lamborghini Using Bitcoin

There Was a Guy Buying a Lamborghini Using Bitcoin

There Was a Guy Buying a Lamborghini Using Bitcoin – The transaction to purchase Lamborghini cars using the first Bitcoin digital currency (cryptocurrency) in Asia has been carried out. In a press release to the IDN Times on Thursday (29/4/2021), Zipmex, Southeast Asia’s leading digital asset exchange, announced that it had facilitated the purchase.

Zipmex said the user who tried this payment service was Jo Chirawat, a Thai national. He used the Zipmex application to pay a down payment in Bitcoin to Huracán EVO RWD 2021 at Renazzo Motor Co. Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand.

“The remainder of the Lamborghini purchase payment will also be paid in Bitcoin,” said Zipmex.

1. Exchange rates are locked at the time of transaction

According to the company explanation, through Zipmex’s crypto payment network, namely ZipSpend, Renazzo Motor accepts payments in Bitcoin, USD Tether and Zipmex tokens with instant verification. Zipmex tokens launched in December 2020.

“The exchange rate will be locked at the time of purchase to reduce potential volatility,” he explained.

2. Milestones

Zipmex CEO Marcus Lim said this transaction was a milestone for Zipmex, Renazzo Motor and crypto asset payment systems in Southeast Asia. Moreover, this involves well-known car brands such as Lamborghini.

“The Lamborghini brand certainly has a special meaning and we are delighted to be able to provide our users with the opportunity to do more with their crypto assets,” said Lim.

The purchase of Lamborghini was made after Elon Musk’s American (US) electric car company, Tesla, announced that it had started accepting payments in Bitcoin in March.

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3. Operates in four countries

Zipmex is the only digital asset exchange that operates in four countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Zipmex’s mission is to break boundaries, educate, excite and enrich ordinary people through its digital asset platform

“Through an easy-to-use application and website, users can get access to a variety of financial services, including digital payments, exchanges and interest-bearing savings,” according to a company release.

To date, the Zipmex platform has facilitated a transaction volume of more than US $ 1 billion since its launch in late 2019. In Thailand, the company has posted a 5-fold growth in customer acquisitions and a 10-fold growth in transaction volume and managed funds since its launch in Thailand. mid 2020.

“The partnership with Renazzo Motor is only the beginning of Zipmex’s expansion plans to expand crypto payment services in the Southeast Asian market,” he explained.…

5 Ways to Manage THR You Made Easier

5 Ways to Manage THR You Made Easier

5 Ways to Manage THR You Made Easier – Even though this year there are calls for not going home during Lebaran, the holiday allowance (THR) remains something to look forward to. However, keep in mind that currently we are still in a pandemic era that demands everyone to be wiser in managing financial income and expenditure.

“THR should really be an extra income that is not to be wasted, but must be managed intelligently,” said DANA Chief Marketing Officer Monita Moerdani in a written statement, Thursday (29/4/2021).

Monita then explained five ways to set up and manage THR using a digital wallet. Listen, yes!

1. List financial goals

Separate the THR money with a monthly salary. Determine the purpose of using the THR money. We recommend that a portion of the THR money be set aside for emergency funds or investment.

For DANA users, for example, this can be made easier with the DANA Goals feature. Users can create up to 10 goals or goals with the total target according to the electronic money balance limit (especially for Premium DANA users) of a maximum of IDR 8 million.

2. Prioritize your needs

Eid is a moment of victory and happiness. However, daily necessities, including telephone credit, must still be a priority so that the Eid celebration is not disrupted.

People can use digital wallets to shop for daily necessities in supermarkets and e-commerce during Eid, or buy pulses and data packages.

3. Make THR full of blessings with alms

The next post that must be fulfilled from the THR money is paying zakat which is an obligation for Muslims. Apart from zakat, the blessed Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr can also be used as moments to enlarge the deeds of worship through alms.

To make the payment of zakat and alms easier, more practical and safer, people can also use digital wallets for the receipt and distribution of zakat and alms.

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4. Set aside for investment

Don’t spend the THR on fun, set aside some for emergency savings or investments. This year’s THR distribution could be the right momentum to invest in the midst of a ban on going home and restrictions on vacation spots. An investment that can be an option is the precious metal gold, which is considered a safe haven instrument.

In a digital wallet, users can buy gold easily, safely and affordably. Users can buy gold starting from 0.01 grams or less than IDR 10,000.

5. Can pamper yourself, but must be according to ability

After all the obligatory and important expense items have been met, there’s nothing wrong with using the remaining THR money for fun or indulgence, especially for those who like shopping or playing games.

This is because game vouchers with special discounts are also available for users to accompany Ramadan this year. With a note, the money spent in full is the remaining THR.…

Important Things When Choosing a Bank Partner

Important Things When Choosing a Bank Partner

Important Things When Choosing a Bank Partner – The current economic movement is getting faster and presents a variety of opportunities in developing wealth. The rapid development of digital technology also facilitates access to a wide selection of investment instruments.

However, it turns out that there are still many Indonesians who are hesitant to take advantage of the opportunities and conveniences that exist, due to a lack of time and information to assess market developments. As a result, not a few choose to save their funds in traditional products such as deposits or regular savings.

To answer this challenge, currently there are many banks that act as financial partners, actively examining the potential for wealth development to scrutinizing customer preferences and aspirations.

However, choosing the right bank for the financial decision making process should not be done carelessly. Here are three things to consider in choosing a priority bank so that customers can be sure to make accurate investments at the right time, according to DBS Bank.

1. Be proactive in analyzing opportunities, not just when asked

The first thing that needs to be done is to find partners who are proactive in conducting in-depth monitoring and analysis of various up-to-date financial data and views and on an ongoing basis to assess the opportunities that exist.

These kinds of things may not be realized by the customer, but are very important to form the necessary financial steps.

“With the support of proactive partners, financial decisions will be much clearer and sharper by taking advantage of various possible investment opportunities,” wrote a bank statement.

2. Experienced and reliable team of experts

The rapid development of the investment world requires a careful and integrated approach. Therefore it is necessary to investigate the perspective and process of financial strategy formulation from banking partners.

There are at least three main things that priority bank partners need to always follow in the midst of this rapid development, namely first a team of experts, moving based on data (data-driven operating model) and optimizing portfolios that pay attention to customer needs (customer science). ).

The data-driven operating model is a framework with processes and infrastructure aimed at operating internal and external data effectively and optimally, as a basis for developing an appropriate financial strategy.

The bank said that in the preparation of a financial strategy, it is important to cover possible customer needs accurately, and it requires the application of customers science or a dynamic and extensive analysis model which is a combination of technology, behavioral science, and customer financial data.

“With the support of a dynamic team of experts, the investment strategy of each customer can be sharpened and delivered at the right time.”

3. Digital technology capabilities

The existence of technology today has been integrated in various aspects of life, including for financial and wealth management. Reliable digital technology is essential to support ease of access, speed, convenience and security in financial transactions, including complete investment products for real-time transactions.

Digital technology also allows customers to get accurate information as early as possible through their preferred media, and can carry out transactions anytime, anywhere.

“So that customers will not miss useful opportunities,” he explained.…