5 Ways to Manage THR You Made Easier

5 Ways to Manage THR You Made Easier

5 Ways to Manage THR You Made Easier – Even though this year there are calls for not going home during Lebaran, the holiday allowance (THR) remains something to look forward to. However, keep in mind that currently we are still in a pandemic era that demands everyone to be wiser in managing financial income and expenditure.

“THR should really be an extra income that is not to be wasted, but must be managed intelligently,” said DANA Chief Marketing Officer Monita Moerdani in a written statement, Thursday (29/4/2021).

Monita then explained five ways to set up and manage THR using a digital wallet. Listen, yes!

1. List financial goals

Separate the THR money with a monthly salary. Determine the purpose of using the THR money. We recommend that a portion of the THR money be set aside for emergency funds or investment.

For DANA users, for example, this can be made easier with the DANA Goals feature. Users can create up to 10 goals or goals with the total target according to the electronic money balance limit (especially for Premium DANA users) of a maximum of IDR 8 million.

2. Prioritize your needs

Eid is a moment of victory and happiness. However, daily necessities, including telephone credit, must still be a priority so that the Eid celebration is not disrupted.

People can use digital wallets to shop for daily necessities in supermarkets and e-commerce during Eid, or buy pulses and data packages.

3. Make THR full of blessings with alms

The next post that must be fulfilled from the THR money is paying zakat which is an obligation for Muslims. Apart from zakat, the blessed Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr can also be used as moments to enlarge the deeds of worship through alms.

To make the payment of zakat and alms easier, more practical and safer, people can also use digital wallets for the receipt and distribution of zakat and alms.

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4. Set aside for investment

Don’t spend the THR on fun, set aside some for emergency savings or investments. This year’s THR distribution could be the right momentum to invest in the midst of a ban on going home and restrictions on vacation spots. An investment that can be an option is the precious metal gold, which is considered a safe haven instrument.

In a digital wallet, users can buy gold easily, safely and affordably. Users can buy gold starting from 0.01 grams or less than IDR 10,000.

5. Can pamper yourself, but must be according to ability

After all the obligatory and important expense items have been met, there’s nothing wrong with using the remaining THR money for fun or indulgence, especially for those who like shopping or playing games.

This is because game vouchers with special discounts are also available for users to accompany Ramadan this year. With a note, the money spent in full is the remaining THR.

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